🦄 Unicorner Startup of the Week: Switchboard
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Collaborative cloud coworking
Founded during the remote work boom at the start of the pandemic, Switchboard is a collaborative coworking space that enables teams to directly work on the same project. The app is organized into multiple rooms per project. Each room starts with a canvas which teams can fill with windows containing any webpage. Individual users can join different rooms and collaborate with teammates directly on the canvas.
🔗 Check them out: switchboard.app
💰 Business Model
Switchboard is currently free while in beta. It plans on introducing pricing tiers in the future and maintaining a freemium model.
📈 Traction and Fundraising
  • Raised $25 million Series A from investors including Icon Ventures, Sequoia Capital, XYZ Ventures, and Spark Capital
  • Currently in beta and available for use
👫 Founders
  • Amir Ashkenazi, CEO: Currently Managing Partner @ Proactive VC; Previously Founder & Chairman @ Uncommon, Co-Founder & Seed Investor @ Tookee (acquired by LogMeIn), President, Platforms President @ AOL, Founder and CEO @ Adap.tv (acquired by AOL), VP Product Search @ eBay, Founder and CTO @ Shopping.com (acquired by eBay)
🔮 Our Analysis
Over two years into the pandemic, the conversation around the future of remote work is still ongoing. We’ve even been a part of that conversation with our recent cover of Whimsical. While Whimsical is consolidating common collaboration tools into one workspace, Switchboard is building a cloud workspace to bring third party applications together. On its own, this offers the convenience of organizing projects into separate rooms and takes tabs off your personal computer. With the added ability to invite anyone to a room and with common remote features like camera and microphone support, Switchboard becomes a powerful tool for working on projects together. In a way, teams now have the ability to simultaneously control one computer. Moreover, Switchboard’s design makes it highly versatile and applicable to many different use cases—for example, it can be used by individuals to organize projects, freelancers for working with clients, and teams within companies. We believe it can become a tool for any individual or team looking to increase productivity.
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