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This week's article on PixieBrix comes from guest contributor and longtime Unicorner reader Rebecca Fu. She's a design and tech enthusiast looking to meet others in the space. You can reach out to her via LinkedIn or email.
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Low-code Chrome extension to tailor any website
PixieBrix is a low-code extension builder that allows users to customize any browser or web app using “bricks,” or building blocks, that perform an action to change how a website looks and works. For example, it enables highlighting elements on a page, creating a prepopulated email, and more. PixieBrix elevates productivity tools by allowing users to send data from one app to another and adding an extra layer of interactive content such as notification badges. Users can also simplify common website interfaces by adding or removing elements to optimize their environment.
🔗 Check them out: pixiebrix.com
💰 Business Model
PixieBrix offers a freemium model, where teams can pay for more features as they scale. There are four tiers users can choose from: the Free tier for individuals and small teams of five or less, the $10/user/month Pro tier for growing teams (unlimited team size with 5 free users), the $30 per user/month Business tier for organizations managing extensions to scale across teams, and the Enterprise tier for organizations needing advanced functionality.
📈 Traction and Fundraising
  • Raised $5.4 million Series A led by New Enterprise Associates in July 2022
  • Raised $3.5 million Seed led by New Enterprise Associates in July 2021
  • Other investors include Tableau co-founder Chris Stolte, DataRobot CEO Dan Wright, and Paul Holland, GP at Foundation Capital
👫 Founders
  • Todd Schiller, CEO: Previously Head of Engineering @ MOKA, Researcher @ Bridgewater Associates, CS and Computational Finance Ph.D. @ University of Washington, CS and Applied Microeconomics MS and BS @ Washington University in St. Louis
  • Michael Mirandi, COO: Previously Head of Strategy @ Saturn Cloud, VP of Sales @ TheGuarantors, Consultant @ Bain & Company, MBA @ Dartmouth, Finance BS @ Pepperdine
🔮 Our Analysis
With the development of technology for the future of work comes a large secular trend of rethinking productivity tools and how they can help streamline work. According to MillionInsights, the productivity apps market will continue to grow from 2021 to 2028 at a compounded annual growth rate of 9.1%. However, the usage of productivity tools hasn’t always been directly correlated with increased productivity, which is why we’re now seeing a new wave of products that aim to make productivity apps more productive. PixieBrix is a prime example of a product that is helping teams organize and optimize productivity tools that they’re already using. By leveraging popular productivity tools that are already common among workplaces, PixieBrix eliminates the cost of switching and makes integrating its platform within existing workflows much easier. Additionally, PixieBrix is pioneering web customization, which allows users to tailor and personalize their interactions with the internet. By building with the mentality that the internet is not “one-size fits all,” PixieBrix is unlocking a new internet experience for people in the digital age. We are excited to see how PixieBrix disrupts user experience in the productivity space.
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As we navigate a difficult time for the global economy, world VC trends have been no less tumultuous. Growth stage companies have recently been pulling in fewer dollars from investors compared to early-stage companies. Overall, the total amount of investment in global startups has been declining, from $42 billion in June 2022 to $28 billion in July. Read the full stats on Crunchbase News.
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