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Video chat in virtual worlds
Topia allows anyone to build a unique world online that can then be used for video meetings. Users have the ability to choose from a number of customizable templates to fully tweak each world to their liking. This means a number of different kinds of meetings can be hosted on Topia, including office meetings, holiday get togethers, festivals, conferences, and more. The goal of the platform is to give virtual meetings the same feeling as in-person meetings.
🔗 Check them out: www.topia.io
💰 Business Model
Up to 25 people can use Topia at once with a Free plan; for unlimited simultaneous users, in addition to a number of other premium features, the Community plan can be purchased for $9 a month. Temporary upgrades are also available, such as the Large Event Upgrade (which allows you to host large events without a subscription for $2 per user per day) and the Organization Upgrade (which enforces user entry to organization members for $5 per user per month).
📈 Traction and Fundraising
  • Raised $5 million seed round with investors like Seven Seven Six and Bonfire Ventures
  • Scaled to thousands of users, and client companies include Envoy, Opus Agency, and Okta, as well as schools like MIT
👫 Founder(s)
  • Daniel Liebeskind, CEO: Previously CPO @ Everipedia, Co-founder @ Decrypt[ed], Co-founder @ Chestnut, Co-founder @ BODY App, SWE @ Cybenex, Investment Banker @ Barclays Capital, Finance @ Lehigh University
  • Dylan Jones: Previously Co-founder @ Refereum, Co-founder @ Gamenest, Game Systems Designer @ KIXEYE, Analytics Consultant @ Unity, Game Designer @ Bane Games, Game Designer @ Big Boom Games, Digital Media & Human Interaction Design @ University of Denver, Game & Interactive Media Design @ Queensland University of Technology
🔮 Our Analysis
Online meetings are here to stay. Even with many people returning to the office or school, remote work is becoming more and more common. However, Zoom meetings aren’t very engaging—they don’t feel like in-person interactions. Topia wants to change that by introducing fully customizable virtual worlds to those meetings. Users can walk through each world, similar to real life. Given that worlds can be catered to different kinds of events, there’s no limit to possibilities. Topia also has the added convenience of being used through a browser; no external app is required. Should more companies and organizations adopt Topia, the future of virtual meetings could be completely redefined. It will be exciting to see if traditional video conferencing apps will no longer remain the norm in this hybrid era of work.
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