🦄 Unicorner Startup of the Week: Lovewick
 ✍️ Notes From The Editors  
Long-term relationship-building apps have been an emerging market for some time now. But the approach that each app takes is pretty unique. Take our cover of Coral from last September, for example—the app is entirely focused on building better relationships through healthy communication around sexual wellness. Lovewick, on the other hand, is focused on strengthening relationships through better dates and date activities.
We anticipate that there might be some different apps yet to come, but it’ll be interesting to see whether it’ll be a mix of apps like Coral and Lovewick, or an entirely new kind of dating experience we haven’t seen yet. Meet you in the metaverse for coffee? ☕️
 - Arek and Ethan 🦄
Stay in love
Lovewick is an app meant for couples to strengthen their relationships. It offers features such as question games, community-inspired date ideas, and research-based relationship tips to make it easier for partners to grow closer.
🔗 Check them out: lovewick.com
💰 Business Model
The app is available on the iOS App Store and Play Store. It’s currently free to use until mid-2022, at which point the app’s pricing model will likely change.
📈 Traction and Fundraising
  • Raised $1 million pre-seed from investors including Corazon Capital, Tinder, OkCupid, Leadout Capital, and Gaingels
  • “Loved by 100k+ couples”
👫 Founder(s)
  • Ali Maggioncalda, CEO: Previously Service Designer in Residence @ Royal College of Art, Senior Analyst @ Medallia, Service Design MA @ Royal College of Art, Human Biology Bachelors @ Stanford
💼 Opportunities
Be sure to mention you came from Unicorner when applying!
🔮 Our Analysis
The dating space is no stranger to technological innovation—after all, in the past decade, big players like Tinder (also an investor in Lovewick) have emerged. And with over half of Tinder's user base being Gen Z, there’s no shortage of demand and curiosity in the space coming from the youngest generation. However, Lovewick is solving a different subset of challenges in the world of dating. Through community-inspired conversation starters and activity ideas, Lovewick is building a community around helping and receiving help with love. Additionally, it has a particular focus on inclusivity. CEO Ali Maggioncalda’s message includes the stats: “In America, ~40% of people have met a romantic partner online, we are getting married later or not at all, and there are more dual income, intercultural, interracial, long-distance, and LGBTQ+ couples than ever before.” We’re yet to see if the company can reach product-market fit until it implements revenue streams, but we have high hopes for its future given its already sizable user base.
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