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Build web3 applications with ease
thirdweb is a platform that allows developers to build web3 applications like NFT collections, marketplaces, and tokens without extensive blockchain development knowledge. Its software development kits (SDKs) let builders incorporate smart contracts into projects without sacrificing user experience and accessibility.
🔗 Check them out: thirdweb.com
💰 Business Model
All of thirdweb’s toolkits are completely free to use. It might introduce advanced features in the future that developers can purchase.
📈 Traction and Fundraising
  • Raised $5 million seed from investors and creators including Mark Cuban, Gary Vaynerchuk, Product Hunt CEO Ryan Hoover, Shaan Puri, Not Boring’s Packy McCormick, and Greg Isenberg
  • Over 100,000 smart contracts deployed by over 30,000 developers using thirdweb’s templates
👫 Founders
  • Steven Bartlett: Previously Founder & CEO @ Social Chain (IPO)
  • Furqan Rydhan: Currently Founder @ Founders, Inc; Previously CTO & Co-Founder @ Bebo, CTO @ Monkey Inferno, CTO @ AppLovin (IPO)
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🔮 Our Analysis
The world of web3 contains immense promise, yet current developer onboarding systems make it extremely difficult to build consumer-facing projects. To build in web3 today, developers need to be familiar with concepts like smart contracts and be proficient in confusing coding languages like Solidity (for Ethereum) and Rust (for Solana). thirdweb is building the infrastructure to erase this friction, making it the perfect candidate to convert the next wave of developers to web3. thirdweb has built a plethora of software development kits that are already integrated with smart contracts, letting builders launch NFT projects without writing code and often in less than a dozen steps. Its customizable templates allow builders to design easy-to-use products while maintaining unique backend features native to the blockchain, like token ownership and smart contracts. They’ve worked with global brands like 100 Thieves (Lifestyle), Fnatic (Gaming), and BooHoo (Fashion). thirdweb’s extensive team of developer advocates combined with its accessible UX make it perfectly positioned to cultivate the next wave of builders in web3.
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🎁 Bonus Content!
The thirdweb team has some new and upcoming tools they wanted us to share with you. They include thirdweb deploy, an intuitive deployment platform for smart contracts, and thirdweb certified, an ecosystem for thirdweb specifically meant to connect teams with developers. Certified is available to the public, and Deploy’s public beta will be launched this week.
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