🦄 Unicorner Startup of the Week: Warp
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Good morning! As we complete some big tech projects we've been focused on this past week, we feel particularly compelled to share this week's startup. Let us know what you think by replying to this email.
Arek and Ethan 🦄
A modern terminal
Warp is building a command line interface with additional features. With a vision to modernize the terminal, the company’s CLI includes features like command autocomplete, command history, command search, and sharing, with a focus on speed and readability.
🔗 Check it out: www.warp.dev
💰 Business Model
Warp uses a freemium SaaS model. The Individual tier, available for free, includes features such as block creation, AI command search, and text editing. The upgraded Team and Enterprise tiers, with pricing to be determined, offer additional collaboration-based features like shared workflows, configurations, and real-time sharing.
📈 Traction and Fundraising
  • Raised $17 million Series A from Marc Benioff (Salesforce Co-CEO), Jeff Weiner, Elad Gil, Dylan Field, and Contrary
  • Currently available on macOS for public beta and planning on becoming available for Linux, Windows, and the web
  • #1 Product of the Day, #3 Product of the Week, and #3 Product of the Month on Product Hunt
👫 Founders
  • Zach Lloyd, CEO: Previously Interim CEO @ TIME, Co-Founder and CTO @ SelfMade, Principal Engineer @ Google, Philosophy of Science MSc @ The London School of Economics and Political Science, Symbolic Systems BS @ Stanford
💼 Opportunities
🔮 Our Analysis
Though the terminal evolved out of an era before graphical user interfaces, it hasn’t become obsolete. In fact, take it from these computer science students and software engineers, it would be practically impossible to remove the terminal from a programmer’s workflow. But while the terminal is most definitely not an outdated tool, using one can often feel like it. Simple tasks like looking through a command’s output or finding the right command often mean looking through a disorganized wall of text. Warp makes these and other outdated aspects of the terminal pleasant to work with. Beyond the clean UI, it brings functional quality-of-life improvements to the table as well. For example, it can notify you when a command has finished running, meaning no more switching between tabs to check progress. Moreover, it brings new features to the CLI, most notably with its collaboration-focused enhancements, making Warp a powerful tool for the enterprise market. In a world that can’t get away from terminals, we believe Warp can become an indispensable tool.
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In case you haven't heard, Elon Musk plans to fire 75% of the Twitter workforce if his deal to purchase the company goes through—and there's just a couple days left until the deadline. It's a deal that some of his fellow PayPal Mafia members have passed on. What do you think? As always, let us know with a reply to this email.
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