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Encrypted collaboration tools
Skiff is a platform that enables users to collaborate on end-to-end documents, similar to Google Docs. Users can invite others to collaborate safely with expiring links and password protection.
🔗 Check them out: www.skiff.org
💰 Business Model
Skiff is currently free for beta users. The company is in the process of “rolling out freemium individual plans for individuals and teams.”
📈 Traction and Fundraising
  • Raised $4.1 million seed led by Sequoia Capital, with other investors including Ali Partovi and Alphabet chairman John Hennessy
  • Currently in early access with 25,000+ users waitlisted
👫 Founder(s)
  • Andrew Milich, CEO: Previously Associate Product Manager @ Schmidt Futures, Stanford Campus Ambassador @ Sequoia Capital, CS BS @ Stanford
  • Jason Ginsberg, CTO: Previously Member @ Protocol One, Software Engineering @ Apple, Software Engineering @ Visby.io, CS MS @ Stanford, EE BS @ Stanford
🔮 Our Analysis
Privacy has become an increasingly relevant topic in the news lately, with Facebook’s decision to make sharing user data on WhatsApp with Facebook mandatory, and more recently, Apple’s iOS 14.5’s crackdown on in-app ad tracking. As a response to the Facebook decision, encrypted messaging apps like Telegram and Signal rose to the top of the app store charts as users moved away from WhatsApp. In Apple’s case, just 4% of users opted in to tracking. If anything, both these events show that people greatly care about the privacy of their data. Since Skiff’s largest competitor happens to be one of the biggest companies in advertising, the incentive to switch to an encrypted alternative is clear. Additionally, with big-name VCs like Sequoia backing the company, Skiff is well-positioned to take on such a rival. We’ll have to see if consumers choose Skiff’s encryption over Google’s prolific set of tools and strong ecosystem. However, the incentive to switch may grow, as Skiff’s team told us they aim to build “an entire ecosystem of privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted products.” With such an ecosystem, what will keep consumers on Google’s side?
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With the new privacy restrictions from companies like Apple, we'd like to share this Crunchbase article about how the Adtech space will have to adjust to these changes.
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