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Telehealth for pregnancy
Ruth Health is a remote care delivery service focused on the spectrum of maternity care, from peripartum (before, during, and immediately after childbirth) counseling to postpartum (after childbirth) recovery sessions. They offer at-home ultrasounds, remote individual coaching and group support sessions, and digital physical therapy recovery, all from licensed providers.
🔗 Check them out: www.ruthhealth.com
💰 Business Model
The company offers a fee-for-service model, with $75 intro sessions and follow-up visits for $145 each. It also offers packages and subscriptions at lower costs.
📈 Traction and Fundraising
  • Participated in YC S21 cohort
  • Raised a total of $725K in pre-seed funding in June 2021 with investors including Gaingels and Torch Capital
  • 40% week-over-week growth, 70% retention rate, and recently accepted to the UnitedHealthcare Techstars Accelerator
👫 Founder(s)
  • Alison Greenberg, CEO: Currently Co-founder & CEO @ Dioptra; Previously Co-founder & CEO @ aflow, Directory of Strategy @ maslansky + partners, Anthropology @ Yale
  • Audrey Wu, COO: Currently Co-founder @ Dioptra; Previously VP of Strategic Partnerships @ Haptik, Co-founder @ CONVRG (acquired), Head of Studios @ imperson, Art History @ UCLA
💼 Opportunities
🔮 Our Analysis
Telehealth is increasingly relevant as the triad of cost, quality, and access to care faces pressure from value-based care, new Medicare guidelines, increasing digital literacy, and public health awareness. Unfortunately, maternal care frequently lags behind higher-profile health concerns despite consistent reports of under-treatment of pain in women and a dearth of women’s care in the United States relative to other developed countries. Ruth Health’s co-founders are well-poised to address issues of serving underserved populations; as BIPOC, LGBTQ serial entrepreneurs with significant experience in women’s health and AI, they understand the value of preventative care and simple follow-up procedures in promoting women’s wellness cost-effectively and sustainably. We’re excited to see how the young company’s future takes shape.
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