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AI-powered marketing copy generator
CopyAI is a tool that generates marketing write-ups (referred to as “copy”) using the artificial intelligence engine GPT-3. In order to generate copy, users first provide basic information about a product (like its name and description). That information is then fed to the AI and is used to create many different kinds of copy (like social media posts, website descriptions, emails, and more).
🔗 Check them out: www.copy.ai
💰 Business Model
CopyAI has a free one-week trial with up to 100 runs a day. Users can upgrade to the Solo plan, which offers unlimited runs and access to all tools, for $49/month (or $35/month billed annually). Large teams can contact the CopyAI team for a custom enterprise plan. If you’re one of our student readers, you can get most of CopyAI's premium features for free by signing up with your .edu email address.
📈 Traction and Fundraising
  • As of April 14, boasts over $1 million annual recurring revenue
  • Used by companies like Italic, CoinMarketCap, and others
  • Raised $2.9 million seed round with investors like Sequoia, Craft Ventures, and Atelier Ventures 
👫 Founder(s)
  • Paul Yacoubian, CEO: Previously Partner @ Employee Stock Option Fund, CFO @ CirQuest Labs, CFO @ Wellspring Management, Economics and Business Administration @ Rhodes College
  • Chris Lu, CTO: Previously Partner @ Employee Stock Option Fund, CS @ Washington University in St. Louis
🔮 Our Analysis
It’s no secret that using the right words to pitch your product can mean the difference between getting a customer or losing one. CopyAI wants to help marketing teams and content creators worldwide by automating this process. The underlying artificial intelligence engine used, GPT-3, is one of the most powerful natural language processors in existence today. That, combined with lots of existing marketing text used as training material, means the copy CopyAI generates is often as good as (if not better than) the copy of an actual marketer. CTO Chris Lu told us that their company especially wants to help founders “unlock their unique entrepreneurial spirit” by using their creativity tools. It’s often hard for new founders to juggle product building and marketing early on, so having AI on your side can be a big help. Aside from their service, CopyAI has also been trending due to its own unconventional marketing methods—its founders are very active on Twitter and share frequent updates about the company and its financials. They call the process of being completely transparent about a company’s internal updates “building in public,” and a number of other founders have since been inspired to take similar approaches while launching their companies. This has allowed CopyAI to build a strong community of budding founders around its service and makes it an interesting company to follow.
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TechCrunch published an article on the same day as their CopyAI cover discussing GPT-3’s applications in many recently popular startups. If you’re interested in learning more about this technology and its uses, you can read the article here.
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