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 ✍️ Notes From The Editors  
When you look through the history of innovative products that have become mainstream, you find that most aren’t necessarily the first of their kind, but rather better versions of another invention. It’s the case for cars, personal computers, mobile phones, and many other pieces of technology we use in our day-to-day.
With B2B/SaaS being a top industry for companies today, startups use that same methodology when building products for business. Causal is iterating on the likes of Excel to build a better platform for the world of finance, and we wanted to share its story with you!
- Ethan and Arek 🦄
Better planning platform for business data
Causal is building an improved way for companies to organize and model their financials and business data. Originally created as an alternative to traditional spreadsheets, Causal’s platform allows businesses to structure data and create predictive models easily, all while quickly generating clear visuals to accompany that data. It also offers hundreds of integrations with software like Salesforce, Stripe, Hubspot, and more.
🔗 Check them out: causal.app
💰 Business Model
Causal operates on a tiered B2B pricing basis. It offers a free tier for personal use and early companies, a “startup” tier for $250/month, and a “business” enterprise plan for larger companies.
📈 Traction and Fundraising
  • Raised £14.5 million Series A (roughly $20 million at time of raise) from Coatue, Accel, Verissimo Ventures, as well as a number of angels including Naval Ravikant, Jeremy Stoppelman (Yelp CEO), Scott Belsky (Adobe CPO), Akshay Kothari (Notion COO), and others
  • Used by companies like Philips, Life360, ClassDojo, Marley Spoon, and more
👫 Founders
  • Taimur Abdaal, CEO: Previously Data Science @ Nested, Math and Statistics @ Oxford
  • Lukas Köbis: Previously SWE @ WhatsApp, Math and CS @ Oxford
💼 Opportunities
🔮 Our Analysis
Causal’s platform is built on the idea that the way companies currently organize finances and data isn’t intuitive. While Excel spreadsheets and other popular tools offer powerful solutions that have been the standard in the industry for decades, Causal has entered the market with a tool that prioritizes its ease of use for finance professionals. Its homepage demo offers a view into some of its features. Building a model is fairly straightforward, with an almost plug-and-play interface in some cases. It’s like Airtable and Looker had a baby with a CPA license—Causal combines the enhanced spreadsheet experience of Airtable with Looker’s powerful data visualization. Is it competitive enough to persuade companies to adopt its offerings over existing solutions? Perhaps, though time will tell. Causal’s marketing and pricing are tailored toward startups like itself (with many of its major clients being startups), incentivizing companies with less-defined finance structuring to adopt its technology early on. We’re a fan of the experience Causal is building, and look forward to seeing how it takes on this hefty industry.
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